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Virginia Beach Drunk Driving Accidents Attorneys

Trust Our Firm to Fight for You!

Unfortunately, despite laws prohibiting drinking and driving, many people make the choice to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Highway Safety Office, there were 7,285 alcohol-related crashes on Virginia roads in 2017. These collisions resulted in 248 deaths and 4,430 injured individuals.

When someone decides to drive drunk, they are acting with complete disregard for the safety of others around them. At Breit Drescher Imprevento, we strive to hold these negligent individuals accountable for their actions. Our Virginia Beach car accident attorneys can help you if you were injured or your loved one was killed by a drunk driver.

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Why Pursue a Personal Injury Claim after a Drunk Driving Accident?

A personal injury lawsuit is separate from criminal proceedings; it is meant to help the victim and his/her family recover compensation for damages sustained as a result of the accident. Drunk driving crashes tend to result in severe, catastrophic injuries or fatalities. The resulting damages for the victim and/or the victim’s family are often immense.

If you were injured in a drunk driving collision, you may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Immediate emergency medical treatment
  • Ambulance and hospital fees
  • Ongoing medical care, including physical rehabilitation therapy
  • Lost income/wages from time taken off work to receive medical attention
  • Reduced/lost earning ability if your injuries prevent you from returning to work
  • Non-economic losses, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, trauma, etc.
  • Punitive damages, meant to punish the negligent party

If your loved one was killed by a drunk driver, you may be able to pursue compensation for the following damages:

  • The cost of medical treatment preceding death
  • Emergency medical care expenses
  • Funeral/burial costs
  • Loss of expected future earnings
  • Loss of a loved one/loss of companionship
  • Emotional suffering

Depending on the circumstances involved in your accident, you may be able to recover compensation for these and/or other damages. Each case is different, which is why it is important that you speak to an experienced attorney about your legal rights and options.

Trust Your Case to Our Experienced Team

Drunk driving accidents are devastating for both victims and their families. At Breit Drescher Imprevento, we are committed to fighting for clients who have been injured or who have lost a loved one due to someone else’s reckless decisions. We have been serving the Greater Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area since 1988 and, in that time, have successfully recovered more than $250 million on behalf of injured individuals and their loved ones.

Our Virginia Beach drunk driving accident lawyers have earned a reputation amongst their peers and opposing counsel for being aggressive advocates for the injured. We are recognized for our results, our commitment to excellence, and for our long tradition of success in the courtroom. Most of all, we understand the impact this accident has had on your life. Our team offers compassionate, personalized representation as we fight tirelessly for the justice and recovery you deserve.

If you were injured or your loved one was killed by a drunk driver, we can help. Call Breit Drescher Imprevento at (757) 330-4099 for a free case evaluation.

  • The entire staff at Breit, Drescher, Imprevento provided excellent legal counsel and sound direction on which you can depend.

    - G. Conklin

  • I never once had to worry about my case or had to figure anything out on my own, they were by my side every step of the way until my case was successfully settled.

    - T. Parsons

  • Everyone who worked on my son’s case made me feel like it was a top priority. Their diligence allowed me to focus on my son’s health. They did everything else. They are like family.

    - R. Dalton

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